The purpose of this site is to make popular the EV in Bulgaria. I’d like this site to be something like an “open source”, so that anyone could see what and how is done and could participate in it. My instigator is this web site: www.plasmaboyracing.com. There you can see a designed EV for drag tourneys in the USA. I was impressed by the parameters and the achievements of this car. In the USA there are even championships for EV. In America this kind of things is wide spread, meanwhile in Bulgaria all of this comes with slightly delay, but I hope that very soon we could catch up. Why do we need a car that makes noise and roars and smokes, a car that has a thousand moving parts and in the same time its efficiency is low when everything can be so simple...?! And we all know what’s happening with the prices of the petrol... I think it’s time for a change! We need car that won’t pollute the environment and will be cheap to drive. It’s all just starting. Take part in it!

“Never be afraid of doing something, even if you don’t know how to do it. Noah's Ark was built by an amateur, and the professionals built Titanic.”

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